You take the object and analyze it."Look like you can find some interesting stuff here" It's a flat terminal and after pressing the power button it opens a simple interface. <div class="terminal"> ...OS-Y Booting...<br /> ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| >>>>>>>>>>> WELCOME TO OS-Y >>>>>>>>>>><br /> >>>>>>>>> Please insert data chip >>>>>>>><br /> >>>>>>>>> [[Turn off the terminal|Terminal ausschalten]] >>>>>>>>> ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| </div><div class="terminal"> An audio recording opens up in a new window. “July 27th” A male voice starts talking in a strict tone, “Today is July 21st, my name is Doctor William Anderson and we will start shortly with our 8th test. The last few weeks, we had accomplished significant progress with the project, the total failures have gotten much less. Or to be more precise, are under 3 percent.” A woman suddenly begins to speak in the middle of the recording, “Well, guess whom we owe that! If you had continued insisting on increasing the Anectosin doses, we would still have failures!” A third person interrupts the woman before she continues to babble. “It’s okay Anja!” “Sir, we’d like to start the test, we expect results!”, you hear a man order from far away. “Okay, okay, just a sec, I need to configure the terminal correctly.” It rattles and you hear the terminal is put on the glass. Okay, I’m ready. Anja, are all systems running?”Yes, William, we’re only waiting for you.” “Very well! The honour is all yours", says William a bit more relaxed. A few switches are turned and a button is pressed distinguishable, which is then followed by nearly endless silence. ... ... An alarm shrills, people scream at each other, which is drowned out by the loud sound of the alarm. “WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!” “THE WHOLE STATION HAS TO BE EVACUATED!” “THIS IS ANDERSON SPEAKING, THE EXPERIMENT WAS A FAILURE!” *DONG* You hear something huge crashing at the window and a crash as if the terminal had fallen down. The recording ends abruptly at this point and the [[window closes itself.|Speicherchip im Regal]] </div>After turning the terminal off and turning it around to look at it thoroughly, you see a small slot with enough space for a small data chip. It’s also hard not noticing the big scratches on the screen and the dented edges. You turn your vision away from the tablet, at the light coming from around the corner. After a few steps you are at the corner, turn around it and you can see where the light comes from. Before extends a 7-meter-long corridor. To its left are to windows letting some light through and shine at the opposite wall. The light turns the normally dark corridor into a much brighter one. For this reason, your eyes are able to see the integrated but turned off lights at the ceiling and the metal door at the end. It has a small sign at the top that says, "Control-Station". Walking without stepping on something is much easier now. And while going through the corridor you take a glance at the windows to your side. They show you the infinity of space and you consider [[to take a closer look|Gang Fenster]] or [[to move on as fast as possible.|Kontrollstation]] You made it to the end of the corridor and now you are entering a room filled with darkness. "The air feels cooler here", is your first thought while your eyes adjust themselves to the cold darkness. The dark outlines tell you, this is a control passage, with no one around. It reminds you of one of those security passages you saw in a prison documentation report, but way more secure. In front of you lies a short passage before a metal door cuts your way. To your right and left are thick reflecting windows. You aren't able to look through it. [[Go to the door at the end of the passage|Kontroll-Tür]] [[Explore the room|Raum absuchen]] [[Back to the window in the corridor|Gang Fenster]] <h3>The big Corridor</h3> Before you stretches a long, dark corridor with junctions here and there. You are able to hear the rushing of the ventilation system and feel how your lungs fill with the fresh air. You are able to see the fluorescing signs on the wall with clear labelling. -----> [[To the landing platform|Gang zur Landeplattform]]<br /> <----- [[To the cantina|Kantine]]<br /> <----- [[To the doctor's office|Arzt-Lobby]]<br /> (if: $reminder1 is true)[<b>You remember, the only way out of here is the Landing Platform.</b>] (if: $event2 is true)[<b>Just a moment ago you were able to see a dark shadow move through the corridor. Was this real or is your mind playing tricks? Nevertheless, you feel like someone is watching you</b>]<h3>The Cantina</h3> Slowly, you move outside the darkness into the light. While looking around, you're able to see this large hall of a cantina. Placed in regular positions are long tables and benches beside them. These are fixed in the metal floor with thick steel bolts. Some parts of the floor stained black, apart from that the cantina is very tidy. You remember a part of a movie where prisoners eat in such a hall at such tables some grey porridge. If anybody of them made a racket, they would be stopped immediately by the guards. Sometimes with brutal methods. Nevertheless, the hall is currently quiet, with no one around. Again you look around yourself and see the serving counter to your right, behind it something looking like a kitchen. [[Go to the kitchen|Küche]] [[Back to the large corridor.|Großer Gang]] [[Detour to the doctor's office|Arzt-Lobby]]<h3>The doctor's lobby</h3> On the way to the cantina, you find a door. the sign next to it says in clear letters: "The doctor's office and the psychologist office" After opening the door, you see a small lobby or more of a waiting room with very cheap seats on the left and right wall. In front of you are two doors: [[To the doctor's office|Arztpraxis]] [[To the psychologist|Therapieraum]] [[Back to the large corridor|Großer Gang]] [[Continuing to the cantina|Kantine]] <h3>The kitchen</h3> With caution, you enter the kitchen. In the darkness you are able to make the outlines of the large shelves filled with dented pots pans and different kind of dishes. (if: $event1 is true)[A few meters in front of you lies a heavily boiled pan on the ground. After moving yourself closer to it, you think to see the outlines of a human with a jacket in of the shelves] You can [[sneak to the shelf with caution|vorsichtig zum Regal]] or [[You walk further into the kitchen|Körper ignorieren]] and ignore the outlines.] (if: $event1 is false)[The shelf with melon falls into your view, you grin a little bit. You consider moving [[further into the kitchen.|Körper ignorieren]]] [[Back to the cantina|Kantine]]Only a few steps from the last corridor leads the next corridor in the direction of the Landing Platform. After turning right, a small light shines through an opening onto the grey floor. You move into the light like a moth that seeks it, until you are at the end of the corridor. Before you lies an airlock, a round room opened into your direction. On the opposing side is a large curved door. To your right lies another room, equipped with a red emergency light. [[Move to the airlock door|Schleusentür]] [[Investigate the room to your right|Raumanzug]] [[Go back to the big Corridor|Großer Gang]]<br /> (set: $reminder1 = false)Through the windows of the airlock door, you are able to see a landing platform aflame by the orange-red colour of the nearby sun. On the landing platform lies a shuttle, making your escape from here possible. (if: $rep1 is false and $rep2 is false)[You just need a working spacesuit to survive on the way of the shuttle. Without it, you would suffocate by the vacuum or freeze to death. Your mind says, that you actually would suffocate before freezing to death.](if: $rep1 is true and $rep2 is true)[You found the spacesuit and repaired it. But you still need to put it on, before activating the airlock.] [[Go back|Gang zur Landeplattform]]The red emergency light isn't the best light to have, but it is still better than nothing. Due to the red light, you are able to see all the lockers in the room. within one that is a bit opened, hangs a really modern spacesuit. [[Investige Spacesuit|Raumanzug untersuchen]] [[Investigate the other lockers|Andere Schränke untersuchen]] [[Go Back to the Landing PLatform|Gang zur Landeplattform]]<h3>The doctor's office</h3> You enter the doctor's office. The office is equipped with a simple but more comfortable bed than yours, a shelf and of course an office desk. On it a very modern computer. The walls are decorated with some poster about human anatomy. [[Investigate the shelf|Geheimschrank]] [[Try to start the computer|PC-Arzt]] [[Back to the lobby|Arzt-Lobby]]<h3>Door to the psychologist</h3> The door isn't locked but it also won't move. There must be some furniture leant against it from the other side. [[Back to the lobby|Arzt-Lobby]]<h3>The shelf</h3> The shelf looks very minimalistic and elegant. Its content is very neatly and fondly arranged. Besides the thick books, you are also able to see replicas of the human body made from high-quality technopolymer, also known as "plastic". One of the replicas is a human skull. In the shelf are also some boxes and a little safe. [[Investigate the skull|Schädel untersuchen]] [[Investigate the safe|Tresor genauer betrachten]] [[Investigate the books|Bücher untersuchen]] [[Back to the office|Arztpraxis]] On the safe sticks a little sign: <a class="hand"> To open the safe, enter the four-digit code.</a> I would be convenient to know the code, but just trying it out on the mechanic lock could be worth it. [[Back to the shelf|Geheimschrank]] [[Enter the code|Tresor öffnen]]<h3>First digit</h3> <h2> [[1|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[2|T-1-2]] [[3|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[4|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[5|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[6|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[7|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[8|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[9|T-1-inkorrekt]]</h2> [[Back to the safe|Tresor genauer betrachten]]After turning to the last number, the mechanic lock returned to its origin. Seems like it was the wrong number. [[Try it again|Tresor öffnen]] [[Back to the shelf|Geheimschrank]]You hear a *click* coming from the lock. <h3>Second digit</h3> <h2> [[1|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[2|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[3|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[4|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[5|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[6|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[7|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[8|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[9|T-2-9]]</h2> [[Back to the safe|Tresor genauer betrachten]]You hear a third *click* coming from the lock. <h3>fourth digit</h3> <h2> [[1|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[2|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[3|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[4|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[5|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[6|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[7|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[8|Tresor-korrekt]] [[9|T-1-inkorrekt]]</h2> [[Back to the safe|Tresor genauer betrachten]]The shelf gives a loud sequence of mechanical *clicks* and opens the path to a secret room. [[Go into the secret room|Geheimraum]] [[Back to the doctor's office|Arztpraxis]]<h3>Secret room</h3> You break through the darkness one more time and enter the next dark room, in which the air is even more thin and warm. You carefully explore the room and inspect the shadowy outlines of which you can only distinguish several, unknown devices. In the darkness, you can make out the outlines of a retainer with several test tubes on it. Furthermore, you find a corridor which is lit by emergency light. [[Enter the corridor lit corridor|Versuchszellen]] [[Back to the doctors office|Arztpraxis]] Extreme caution is everything you need right now and without making any noise you sneaked in front of the shelf. You raise your head to see the jacket. You can confirm that it's a brown leather jacket. The head is immersed in complete darkness. Nothing moves, so you try to touch the head, however, it totally surprises you, that the head feels ice cold. By that surprise, you shrug with your hand and hit the head. The head rolls now to the edge of the shelf and falls with an incredible speed onto the ground. More Surprisingly, it just bursts on impact and looks now, in the background light coming from the cantina, like a watermelon. Fact, this is an overripe watermelon. (set: $event1 = false) [[Move on|Körper ignorieren]]<div class="terminal"> ...OS-Y Booting...<br /> ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| >>>>>>>>>>> WELCOME TO OS-Y >>>>>>>>>>><br /> >>>>>>>>>>> [[Diary March 1st|Tagebuch 1]] >>>>>>>>>>>><br /> >>>>>>>>> [[Turn off the terminal|Andere Schränke untersuchen]] >>>>>>>>> ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| </div> In the end, you ignore the shelf and move further inside the kitchen until you are at a door with the label "storeroom" on it. [[Enter the storeroom|Vorratskammer]] [[Back to the kitchen|Küche]]<h3>storeroom</h3> The first glimpse on entering the room tells you, "shelf, everywhere." After investigation the shelves further, you notice small labels. [[Dryed rations|Trockenrationen]] [[Can rations|Dosenessen]] [[Cleaning agents|Putzmittel]] [[Bach to the kitchen|Küche]]<div class="terminal"> <b>March 1st – The Arrival</b> Today I arrived at the space station. When I saw the space station from far away, I was sure, I chose the right employer because this station was built on a gigantic asteroid. This has the benefit of a favourable construction and extremely high stability which makes any outbreak or breach impossible. The shuttle was closing in. The pilot told me there had been many pirate attacks, but none of them was a success. He talked the whole flight with and seemed very surprised to transport no prisoners or safety officers for a change. I’m glad to have a little bit of silence for now, the flight and the introduction to my colleagues were very tiring. - Marcus <div class="hand"> Note to myself, the code is: 2948</div> [[Turn off terminal|Andere Schränke untersuchen]] </div> <div class="terminal"><b>March 2nd</b> Well then, the time has finally come to start with our project. Everyone is excited and can’t help themselves not talking about our endeavour and develop new ideas. The new guy arrived yesterday evening by shuttle. He just finished the academy, signed his contract and now has good prospects. I just hope all those scientists stay indigenous so that we can finish our assignment on time. - William [[Turn off terminal|PC-Arzt]] </div> (set: $terminal = true)The sound of sirens is echoing in the room, red light flickers on and off. Glass is shattering and something big, something heavy jumps directly at you. By sheer force you are falling onto your back but someone pulls you away. You hear a metallic hiss and the sirens are now just a hollow sound in the background. You hear a dull scream. You wake up, soaked with sweat on an uncomfortable bed in a dimly lit and grey room. You feel the mist that fills your head while your headache begins to slowly decrease. Promptly after trying to get up, everything turns around you like a carousel. The urge to vomit becomes bigger and bigger, but you are able to suppress it. You need something to drink and after you take a deep breath, you realize what the room really looks like. This isn't a room, it's a prison cell. You slowly stand up and go to the sink, drinking the cold water clears your mind from the mist, though it also tastes like plastic and chlorine. You take another deep breath, investigating the cell door is your next goal. It's obviously completely made from massive steel even so you are able to detect a narrow gap and the uncomfortable darkness right behind it. You grasp into the gap and with all your strength the door slowly slides to the side and the gap becomes bigger until it's almost big enough for you to squeeze through. You are considering [[to make the gap bigger|Den Spalt vergrößern]] or to [[squeeze through the small gap.|Durch den Spalt quetschen]]You made it out! But your clothing got a bit ripped off, because of the narrow gap. It's darker out here and it takes some time before your eyes adjusted to the darkness. Still, you are able to recognize the long corridor you're in and feels the coldness coming from the metallic walls. Warm light is coming from the end of the corridor, falling onto the floor and into your eyes. While getting closer to the light something falls into your eyes, a board, "seems like a map." Your investigation shows, that it is a map with an escape plan. It's hard to see but nevertheless, you know where to go next. The escape plan leads to a landing platform, not far away. Seems like you have a new goal. As you turn around the warm light takes your attention, you feel that you’re on the right way. Your determination grows stronger every second before you fall on your right shoulder and you feel the pain. Why didn't you saw the slim object on the ground beforehand? [[Pick up the slim object.|Terminal gefunden]] It's darker out here and it takes some time before your eyes adjusted to the darkness. Still, you are able to recognize the long corridor you're in and feels the coldness coming from the metallic walls. Warm light is coming from the end of the corridor, falling onto the floor and into your eyes. While getting closer to the light something falls into your eyes, a board, "seems like a map." Your investigation shows, that it is a map with an escape plan. It's hard to see but nevertheless, you know where to go next. The escape plan leads to a landing platform, not far away. Seems like you have a new goal. As you turn around the warm light takes your attention, you feel that you’re on the right way. Your determination grows stronger every second before you fall on your right shoulder and you feel the pain. Why didn't you saw the slim object on the ground beforehand? [[Pick up the slim object.|Terminal gefunden]]Through stepping closer to the window, you are able to look outside and the see the large asteroids, marked with red blinking lights for better flight navigation, in the proximity of your sight. Behind these Asteroids are billions of stars, every one of them spending a little bit of light. But all those are nothing to the magnificent sun you are able to see while getting even closer to the window resulting in a fogged-up window, by your breath. You savour this moment for a few seconds before stepping away and [[moving to through the corridor|Kontrollstation]].Due to the darkness you walk against a massive steel door and have to hold your head to bear the pain. Slowly, the pain dissipates and you see a small control panel dimming in red light, next to the door. You try to use the control panel to open the door, but nothing happens. [[Explore the room|Raum absuchen]]You explore the room, although it only takes a short amount of time to find the half-opened door next to one of the thick windows. Taking all your courage you enter the room behind the door. This room is equipped with a large control panel, that has a lot of buttons and displays and two chairs lying around the room. the longer you take your time to look around the room, the more you get the feeling, "this room was left in a great hurry." There lies even a broken bowl with a spoon on the ground like someone was eating cereals it before leaving the room. Nevertheless, in the corner of the control panel lights an LED, next to it a suspicious looking lever. You can [[pull the lever|Schalter-Kontroll]] or [[go back.|Kontrollstation]]Your hand slowly moves to the lever and pulls it to you. While this movement happens, the red LED turns off and a green LED next to it turns on. From the room next to comes a loud mechanic *click*. Interested what happened, you go back to the door and see how the control panel next to the door lights up in a green light. [[Use the control panel|Großer Gang]] (set: $o2Flasche = false) (set: $klebeband = false) (set: $rep1 = false) (set: $rep2 = false) (set: $event1 = true) (set: $event2 = false) (set: $event3 = false) (set: $reminder1 = true) (set: $terminal = false)Finally, you put the spacesuit on and enter the airlock. After pressing the button next to you, the airlock begins closing itself with two heavy doors behind you. In the process, you hear a sound of *clomps* becoming louder and louder. Something is coming, something heavy. The airlock just closed itself to start the decompression, when something tosses itself against the doors. The windows barely withstand this heavy force and you are able to see how some little cracks start to grow larger and how right beside them two eyes filled with hate and fury stare into your eyes. The eyes disappear and with a tremendous roar, both doors getting bent. through a wide gap, a black creature like hand tries to grasp you. While you are trying to avoid it, you fall onto your back. right in time, the decompression process just finished as the other two doors behind you opened themselves. You stand up and turn to the shuttle. Your repaired spacesuit will have to hold until you made it to the shuttle. However, the fear that you may suffocate due to a defective oxygen tube just got tremendous small after encountering the creature. Still, cold sweat is running over your back and your breath is at an unnaturally high rate. You begin to move and while the artificial gravity gives you something to stand on, you take moment to process the fantastic view. The sun shines and turns everything into warm light, though out here are less than 270°C. In the distance, you are able to see an asteroid field and a bit left to it a light green shining planet. All this interrupted by noticing, you walk faster than you normally do, why? [[Look back|Umdrehen]] You enter a narrow passage, turn right and arrive at a small T-crossing. To your right is a locked door with the label “cells”. To your left, the transition continues a little further, and before it turns there you can recognize a metal outline. You slowly go down the corridor, your gaze focused on the metal outline. After you carefully went around the corner, you see a welder in front of a miserable welded steel door. You see with every step you come closer, how strongly dented the door is. Each bump is aimed in the direction from which you come so someone must have hammered against it from the other side. You go closer to the door and see that the object in front of the door is a very simple welder. It consists of a bracket and various hoses which lead to a 5-litre acetylene bottle and a (if: $o2Flasche is false)[5-litre oxygen bottle](if: $o2Flasche is true)[empty bracket]. You wonder if you should [[knock against the door|gegen die Tür Hämmern]] to see if there is someone on the other side or if you should just [[take the oxygen bottle|Sauerstoff nehmen]] and leave as quickly as possible. (if: $event3 is true)[ [[Leave this place|Rückweg]] ](if: $terminal is false)[You sit down on this very comfy office chair and take your breath before you investigate the pc.] (if: $terminal is true)["Seems like a normal diary, but on what are those scientist here working?" Something feels off to you, there are too many clues that may lead to something foul.] (if: $terminal is true)[ [[open the data chip gain|Tagebuch 2]] ](if: $terminal is false)[ [[Try to start the computer|PC starten]]] [[Go away from the computer|Arztpraxis]]You press the button ... ... nothing happens [[Press the button more vigorous|Energischer den Knopf drücken]] [[Look around the computer|PC untersuchen]] [[Go back|Arztpraxis]]You press the button more vigorous and often as possible resulting in the computer still being dead. [[Look around the computer|PC untersuchen]] [[Go back|Arztpraxis]] "Okay, let's see if there is something around." The computer should turn on, every cable is correctly connected. The only thing it needs is electricity ... which doesn't seem to be here. Frustrated you want to leave the computer, but before that, you register the data chip in one of the front slots. [[Take the data chip and use it|Terminal-Arzt]]The data chip is very small but it fits perfectly into your terminal. <div class="terminal"> ...OS-Y Booting... ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| >>>>>>>>>>> WELCOME TO OS-Y >>>>>>>>>>><br /> >>>>>>>>>>> [[Diary March 1st|Tagebuch 2]] >>>>>>>>>>>><br /> >>>>>>>>> [[Turn off the terminal|PC-Arzt]] >>>>>>>>> ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| </div>You slowly step towards the door these bumps can’t be any good. But you let yourself not deter and you start knocking at the door slowly and you knock harder and harder. Nothing, no sign of life from the other side. (if: $o2Flasche is false)[ [[Take the oxygen bottle|Sauerstoff nehmen]] ] (if: $o2Flasche is true)[ [[Leave this place|Rückweg]] ]One quick glance on the door next to you, then your eyes fall back on the welding machine and you take a closer look at the welding machine and the oxygen cylinder which have a lot of scratches. You start disconnecting the hoses from the oxygen bottles and can finally remove the welder. Finally! You got it! You catch yourself slightly grinning. Before you fully rise you realize that there is a wind blowing right over your right shoulder like something moved behind you. [[Go back|Rückweg]] [[Take one more look at the welded door|gegen die Tür Hämmern]] (set: $o2Flasche = true) (set: $event3 = true)You hear a second *click* coming from the lock. <h3>Third digit</h3> <h2> [[1|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[2|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[3|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[4|T-3-4]] [[5|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[6|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[7|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[8|T-1-inkorrekt]] [[9|T-1-inkorrekt]]</h2> [[Back to the safe|Tresor genauer betrachten]]Shortly after opening the slim door of the locker, your sight [is free on the spacesuit. In overall it looks okay, but it misses an oxygen bottle. on the second look, you notice two, no three little holes in the spacesuit. You wouldn't survive a minute with them in space, but your intuition tells you, that could use some special glue or tape for it. In the end, you need to find those two things to fix the spacesuit. (if: $klebeband is true and $rep1 is false)[ [[Repair the spacesuit with the special tape|Anzug mit Spezial-Klebeband reparieren]] ](if: $klebeband is false)[You need some special glue/tape.] (if: $o2Flasche is true and $rep2 is false )[ [[Mount the oxygen bottle|Sauerstoffflasche an den Anzug montieren]] ](if: $o2Flasche is false)[You need an oxygen bottle.] (if: $rep1 is true and $rep2 is true)[ You finally finished repairing the spacesuit. [[Put the spacesuit on and go to the airlock|Die Schleuse schließt sich]] ] [[Investigate the other lockers|Andere Schränke untersuchen]] [[Hang the suit back up and go back|Raumanzug]]Your Investigation comes to two conclusions. Firstly, all the lockers are extremely dusty. Secondly, the data chip you found, with the label "<a class="hand">March 1st</a>" could contain important data. [[Insert data chip into the terminal|umgucken]] [[Leave it and invesitgate the Spacesuit|Raumanzug untersuchen]] You put the spacesuit onto the ground and after a few skilful movements, you were able to repair the holes with the tape. (set: $rep1 = true) [[Look at the spacesuit|Raumanzug untersuchen]] You are now taking the oxygen bottle and position it on the holder. You just noticed that the bottle has a higher pressure than the spacesuit should be used with. After a moment of consideration, you take the risk. This is the only way out. After turning it a few times around the bottle holds completely firm on the spacesuit. (set: $rep2 = true) [[Look at the spacesuit|Raumanzug untersuchen]]<h3>Dried rations</h3> "Oat, flour and millet ..." You aren't surprised to find something like that here, but seeing that those are labelled as "still fresh in 20 years" makes you a bit sceptical. [[Next to the can rations|Dosenessen]] [[Next to the cleaning agents|Putzmittel]] [[back to the kitchen|Küche]] <h3>Can rations</h3> There are cans everywhere! The ingredients of the cans label themselves as pickled vegetables, fruits and meat. The cans look suspicious old, although they should be eatable for a while. Behind the third layer of cans, you find a small data chip the labelled: <a class="hand"> 1. März </a> You insert the data chip into the terminal and [[start it.|Speicherchip im Regal]]. [[Next to the cleaning agents|Putzmittel]] [[Next to the dried rations|Trockenrationen]] [[Back to the kitchen|Küche]]<h3>Cleaning agents</h3> Finally, you found something useful here. [[Take some duct tap|Klebeband nehmen]] [[Next to the dried rations|Trockenrationen]] [[Next to the can rations|Dosenessen]] [[back to the kitchen|Küche]]After a short search, you find some duct tape labelled as “Extrudats special glue for special cases”. You take the duct tape and the scissors which lays next to it. (set: $klebeband = true) [[Next to the dried rations|Trockenrationen]] [[Next to the can rations|Dosenessen]] [[Back to the kitchen|Küche]]Although the eyes are empty, you get the feeling the skull gazes directly at you. [[Avoid the gaze|Blick ausweichen]] [[Back to the shelf|Geheimschrank]]Most of the books are about the psychology and the physiology of the human. To your surprise, you also find a lot of books about chemicals and viruses inside the shelf. This is the doctor's office, right? [[Back to the shelf|Geheimschrank]]A short glance over your shoulder, while you begin to run and see how something black begins to crawls itself through the inner airlock doors. It then begins to stand up and run after you. In this process, oxygen is streaming out of the station gives you and the creature a push. 5 meters to go. You look back at the shuttle and run towards the ladder of the cockpit. ... ... You made it, but the creature comes closer with every second. The ladder is a bit high than you thought, but you take every step without mistakes until you reach the cockpit. There is a button. [["Open cockpit here"|Cockpit öffnen]] You press the button; however, the cockpit canopy only shrugs a bit. You press the button again with no success. Time is running out, you begin to open the canopy by yourself with all your force though, on second half it moves by itself. As fast as possible you climb into the cockpit and press the button for lowering the canopy. Since every button is labelled, you can start the engines immediately by switching a small lever and pressing a button. by intuition, you are giving thrust on the lower thrusters to raise from the platform. For a moment the shuttle turns to the side, but you are able to get it under control and with your last view you see, how the creature lies on the ground and tries to get oxygen. After all, you start the back thrusters. You fly into space with your shuttle, into the direction of the light green planet. All your tension goes away and you are finally able to relax again. You did it! [[End your journey|Ende]]Going to the left or right doesn't help, the skull still gazes at you with its grinning mouth. [[Ignore the skull and investigate the skull|Geheimschrank]]Complete silence. The only thing you hear, on the way back to the secret room is your breath. You walk back through the corridor lit by emergency light and after turning into the secret room you see on every wall: <div class="blood">DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!</div> [[Directly to the big corridor|Großer Gang]] [[To the doctors office|Arztpraxis]] (set: $event2 = true) <div class="terminal"> ...OS-Y Booting... ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| >>>>>>>>>>> WELCOME TO OS-Y >>>>>>>>>>><br /> >>>>>>>> [[PLay audio recording|Aufnahme_Unfall]] >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>> [[Turn off terminal|Dosenessen]] >>>>>>>>>>> ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| </div><div class="terminal"> <h3>This was "Alone"</h3> A game made by Eric Alexander Drößiger Thank you very much for playing. More from me on: <a href=""></a> </div><div class="terminal"> ...Game Booting...<br /> ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| >>>>>>>>>>> WELCOME TO ALONE >>>>>>>>>><br /> >>>>>>>>>> [[Begin your journey|Start]] >>>>>>>>>><br /> ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| </div>