Hi, ich bin Eric Drößiger.

Hi, I'm Eric Drößiger.

I'm a Game Designer with focus on level and technical design. I love to create games that motivate intrinsic playfulness (play don't tell) and bring adventures to players. More about me

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About Me

I'm working as a Game Designer at Climax Studios in Portsmouth, UK. I'm primarily focussing on level design and tech design creating memorable gameplay moments. From October 2019 until August 2020 I worked on the MAFIA: Definitive Edition, creating combat for the Church in Mission 8 and the majority of combat for the final mission in Hangar 13's in-house engine.

I did a four year Game Design course at Breda University of Applied Sciences. During my study there I explored different roles within Game Design and focussed on technical and level design in later years. I worked on several projects ranging from prototypes in small teams to multiple released projects including a Nintendo Switch project.

My motivation is to create games that bring adventures to their players, games that evoke that natural playfulness (play don't tell) and ultimately makes players smile.

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